The plethora of beauty devices on the market can often feel overwhelming, but
whether you’re looking to declutter your makeup vanity or elevate your skincare
routine, there are treasures amongst the fads that can give you the high-quality
results you desire beauty shop. We investigated the most popular at-home tools—from
dermaplaning to LED light therapy to microcurrent facials—to determine their
benefits, how they work and how best to use them.

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We found that some of the most powerful at-home gadgets can help treat the most
common concerns like fine lines, clogged pores and undereye bags. However, many
of these devices are not as effective as in-clinic treatments and may not deliver on
their promises if they’re used incorrectly or inconsistently.
This at-home sonic exfoliator, for example, uses gentle vibrations to remove dead
skin and oil buildup from the complexion so that your other facial products can
penetrate more deeply. It’s a great option for those who can’t afford to book a
professional dermaplaning session and is dermatologist-approved.
Designed to be the at-home version of a hydrafacial, this device deep cleans the
complexion, unclogs pores, kills acne-causing bacteria and infuses skin with
clarifying salicylic acid and hydrating hyaluronic acid, says dermatologist Dr.
Farhaad Riyaz. It also uses blue LED light to target pimples and blemishes, helping to
reduce inflammation.
“As an at-home alternative to pore strips, this tool effectively cleans out your pores
without the need for picking or squeezing,” says Dr. Michelle Henry of Skin &
Aesthetic Surgery of Manhattan. This nifty little tool, which is available in a few
different versions with various nozzle attachments—like one for hydrating the
complexion and another for targeting blackheads and pore-clogging debris—is
simple to use: Simply attach the appropriate nozzle, turn it on and swipe over the
face for clearer skin.

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Unlike other at-home beauty devices, this one has specific capsules that go inside to
deliver targeted treatments. It’s currently available in three different options: a 10
percent collagen capsule to hydrate the complexion, a.15 percent retinol capsule to
smooth and firm, and an 8 percent glycolic capsule to brighten the complexion.
As the most powerful at-home beauty gadgets, red light therapy and microcurrent
facials can be quite effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
tightening the complexion and toning the jawline and neck. They can also boost the
effectiveness of your favourite anti-ageing serums. However, it’s important to
remember that these are not magic bullets and may take time for visible results to
appear. Additionally, if you don’t use them consistently or as instructed, the devices
can actually cause damage to the complexion. As such, be sure to always read and
follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any at-home beauty devices you decide to
purchase. You don’t want your new gadgets to end up as a dust-collector in the
bathroom cabinet.


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